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    Dr Oliver Mathematics

    Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and arithmetic [number theory] is the queen of mathematics. She often condescends to render service to astronomy and other natural sciences, but in all relations, she is entitled to first rank.

    Carl Friedrich Gauss

    Wir müssen wissen. Wir werden wissen. 
    (We must know. We will know.)

    David Hilbert

    OCR FMSQ Additional Mathematics

    What's New

    12/07/24: Worked Examples: Area, Find a, Irrational Expression, and Length

    28/06/24: Worked Examples: Area, Expansion, Factorial, and Ratio

    21/06/24: Worked Examples: Function, Length, MDV, and Probability

    07/06/24: Worked Examples: Sectors, Angle, Area, and Quadratic Equations

    31/05/24: GCSE 2023 June (see "Edexcel GCSE Past Papers")

    10/05/24: A Level Further Mathematics: Populations to Second Order Diff. Equautions (see "Topic Questions")

    03/05/24: A Level Further Mathematics: Moments Part 2 to Poisson Distribution (see "Topic Questions")

    19/04/24: GCSE 2022 November (see "Edexcel GCSE Past Papers")

    22/03/24: GCSE 2022 June (see "Edexcel GCSE Past Papers")

    08/03/24: AQA Further Maths Level 2 2021 (see "AQA Further Maths Level 2")

    23/02/24: GCSE 2021 November (see "Edexcel GCSE Past Papers")

    09/02/24: OCR FMSQ 2022 (see "OCR FMSQ Additional Mathematics")

    26/01/24: AQA Further Maths Level 2 2019 (see "AQA Further Maths Level 2")

    12/01/24: OCR FMSQ 2019 (see "OCR FMSQ Additional Mathematics")

    15/12/23: FM Further Pure Mathematics June 2022 (see "A Level FM Past Papers")

    01/12/23: FM Core Pure Mathematics June 2022 (see "A Level FM Past Papers")

    17/11/23: SQA Advanced Higher 2023 (see "SQA Advanced Higher")

    03/11/23: A Level Papers June 2022 (see "A Level Mathematics Past Papers")

    20/10/23: SQA Higher 2023 (see "SQA Higher")

    06/10/23: AS Papers June 2022 (see "A Level Mathematics Past Papers")

    22/09/23: SQA National Qualifications N5 2023 (see "SQA N5")

    08/09/23: GCSE 2020 June (see "Edexcel GCSE Past Papers")

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